Sutherland Shire Council

Woolooware Bay Shared Pathway

Sutherland Shire Council has been continually improving the Woolooware foreshore shared pathway network. This scheme as a whole has been thirteen years in the making and is expected to garner awards in environmental & ecological sustainability.

Antoun has been contracted by Sutherland Shire Council to complete stage 6 of this project. This is the most complicated, detailed and scenic component of the overall project, because of the following sensitive features:

  • Internationally protected migratory birds
  • Local endangered shore birds
  • Protected mangroves
  • Endangered saltmarsh
  • Land contamination

The design and construction of the boardwalk, balustrades, feature walls and artwork and custom street furniture have been the primary aspects of this venture. These have been designed to provide views
of the heritage-listed wharf, a new sand island and main bird habitat and roosting areas.

Boardwalk, View Platform & Balustrade

A large aspect of this project is the design and construct of a boardwalk and viewing platforms. The conception and development of this feature began with the client presenting us with rough designs and ideas (See Attached figure). Our experienced Site Engineers subsequently fashioned final plans whilst accounting for structural integrity, longevity of materials, serviceability, purpose of use and Australian legislative standards.

Challenges in this design involved selecting appropriate and suitable materials to be functional yet to fit the aesthetic of the heritage features and natural environment. For these reasons, a combination of fibre reinforced polymer and hardwood were selected to maintain the desired theme.

For efficiencies and quality assurance all elements of the boardwalk and balustrades are being fabricated off site and will be delivered and installed separately.

Architectural Feature Walls & Panels

Woolooware Bay provides a vital habitat for endangered and important species of shorebirds. With the implementation of the shared pathway comes the potential to disturb this habitat for the birds. Therefore, screens have been designed to separate the birds from the general public so they are not disturbed. This challenge has been taken as an opportunity to design and construct a number of elaborate architectural feature walls with a dual purpose.

The design process of the feature artworks is the most complex detail of this project. Antoun Civil was presented with one original concept for the panels and took the initiative to create three designs; ranging from realistic to abstract. Working closely with a wide array of stakeholders, a suitable design was selected and 3D models were presented for approval. The chosen artwork complimented the style of the historical jetty & oyster farms well. Samples and prototypes of the panels have been developed for approval before installation.

The main purpose of these works are to ensure the bird habitat is not disturbed, whist also integrating the local community.
Pedestrians and cyclists will remain hidden from the bird’s direct line of sight by feature walls with viewing holes, using the screens to experience and enjoy the natural landscape and ambience.

Custom Street Furniture & Fixtures

Outdoor furnishings, benches and a shade structure were also developed specifically for this project. These elements proved more challenging to design as materials of a cohesive nature had to be used to compliment the natural aesthetic. Precise and high-calibre finishes and details are also important with this component, hence Antoun ensures to source from credible suppliers and select the highest quality of materials. This process has ensured longevity for the project with aspects such as the sandstone & timber benches.


Sutherland Shire Council


Woolooware Bay, Taren Point

Contract Value

$1 million – $5 million


24 weeks