Melbourne Airport

Taxiways Papa Uniform Golf Slab Replacements

Melbourne Airport contracted Antoun Civil for the replacement of 60 centre line concrete slabs on several taxiways in Melbourne International Airport. These slabs required replacement as they were coming to the end of their serviceable life.

Slab replacement works were performed at night in an operational airport environment between 9pm and 5am during taxiway closures and involved management of multiple subcontractors. Consistent communication measures were in place on site between the project team, subcontractors and the airport’s maintenance team to observe important airport safety controls and contingencies.
The slabs were 7.5m x 7.5m in size with an average depth of 630mm; and up to 850mm depth in thickened edges totalling over 40m3 each. Unsuitable subgrade for many slabs required the removal of an additional 200mm of contaminated materials and replaced with rapid setting leanmix. 50mm dowels spaced at 400mm centres were installed with an embedment of 300mm into the adjacent slabs using a two-gang Minnich pneumatic drill at a rate of 15 seconds per dowel.

A technologically advanced CTS Rapid Set Concrete Mix was used with eight specialist Mobile Volumetric Mixers producing the concrete to reconstruct the slabs. The concrete achieved 7-day Flexural strength of 5.0MPa within just 24 hours of placement without using accelerants, allowing aircraft traffic to commence trafficking in as little as three hours after replacing each slab.


McConnell Dowell


Melbourne Airport, VIC

Contract Value

More than $10 million


10 weeks