Mount Pritchard & District Community Club

Mt Pritchard Bulk Demolition & Civil
Project 1 – Early Works

Project Scope
The works completed for the Mount Pritchard & District Community Club Limited included a broad scope of: demolition works, excavation, installation of mains services including gas, power and water, grease arrestors, pavement works, concrete works and playground.
The works were completed in 4 separable portions;

  1. Demolition and removal of the existing grease arrestor; followed by installation of a new grease arrestor;
  2. Supply and install of new gas mains, fire ring mains and power;
  3. Restructure and upgrade main intersection while managing and maintaining vehicular and pedestrian access;
  4. Supply and installation of a new playground facility, external electrical, communication, lighting works and landscaping.

Foyer Refurbishment – Playground Works
The challenging component of this project was maintaining the high flow of vehicular and pedestrian access. In summary this portion involved: site grading and excavation, subsoil drainage, hardscapes, paving, retaining walls, seating, site furniture & features, play equipment & surfacing, soil improvements, planting, mulching and turfing.
In addition to Antoun Civil’s standard procedures regarding site conditions, protection & cleaning, and quality assurance; this scope of works involved working with complicated concrete designs and rubber Softfall material for play area surfaces.

Concrete Slab Design & Construct
Circular concrete walls were formed insitue in the specified locations with various coloured concrete infills. All concrete retaining walls were class A off-form finish.

Play Equipment
The playground equipment preparation and installation process was undertaken in 8 steps;

  1. Excavate to underside of floor covering (100mm below FSL) and provide survey heights with exact footing locations
  2. Level and compact last 100mm with crusher dust etc
  3. Provide set out for toadstools/ play equipment
  4. Install posts/ footings into ground and “toadstools”
  5. Install posts/footings into ground for play equipment
  6. Install rubber soft fall/ synthetic grass
  7. Install play equipment
  8. Customised seating furniture

Rubber & Synthetic Grass Softfall
Project specifications detailed the installation wet pour rubber Softfall to the playground. Softfall was fully tested and compliant with AS4422 and designed for a maximum fall height suited to the play equipment. Considerations with the pouring of Softfall included;
Ensuring the finished surface had a uniform appearance, drains freely, and was free from depressions in which water can lie.

A challenging aspect of Softfall installation was also providing keyed joints between colours. Joins between colours were to be clean, with no overlap or bleeding of colours.


Mt Pritchard & District Community Club


Mount Pritchard, NSW

Contract Value

Between $1m and $5m


19 weeks