Brookfield Johnson Controls on behalf of Department of Defence

Major Earthworks & Access Roads to Breaching Range ‐ Special Forces Training Facility for Defence

This project took place on 12,000m2 of the main artillery testing ground for explosive trials. This created the high risk of live explosives within the site requiring the clearance of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) prior to any excavation occurring.

The site was cleared of all vegetation, allowing for the construction of new access roads to the newly constructed Breaching Ranges.
The Heavy Breaching Range consisted of R.C. precast walls, steel sheet and steel ship hatches.
The Light Breaching Range consisted of industrial roller doors, reinforced core filled block walls and brick walls.
The works also required the construction of a permanent administration building, a preparation shed, a safety bunker, explosives and detonator storage areas.

The works were complete to the satisfaction of the client and is a landmark project for future breaching ranges to be replicated interstate at other Defence facilities. This project was the first of its kind for Antoun Civil and opened many new opportunities with Defence Clients carrying out high-risk and complicated works.


Brookfield Johnson Controls on behalf of Department of Defence


Liverpool Military Area, Holsworthy NSW

Contract Value

$1 million – $5 million


16 weeks