We’re CCF Earth Award Winners!

Congratulations to the hardworking Antoun Civil Team members and clientele from Sutherland Shire Council on the collaborative works that delivered the Woolooware Bay Shared Pathway – Stage 6. As a result of their dedication, this project has secured Antoun Civil & Sutherland Shire Council as winners of the NSW CCF Earth Awards Excellence in Civil Construction (Project Value $2M to $5M) Award.

A Forward-Thinking Approach

Whilst working under pressing time constraints and difficult conditions due to coastal tide movements and weather; Project Managers, Engineers, and Consultants worked seamlessly to deliver the final component of Sutherland Shire Council’s larger Shared Pathway Project. At the heart of the project was something much bigger than a pathway; it is the result of Sutherland Shire Council’s larger project, some ten years in the making. The goal of this wider project was to enhance community livability; and to do so in a way that balances elements of environment, heritage and recreation. Furthermore, the project also aimed to protect endangered birds and ecological communities to promote future biodiversity in the area.

An innovative design of Corten Steel features and sandstone elements compliment and emphasise the natural aesthetic of the heritage wharf; perhaps a few aspects that contributed to the success of this project within the Earth Awards ‘Excellence’ Category.

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